How to Kill Bedbugs in Hotel Rooms for the Traveler

Bedbugs normally reside under mattresses, box springs and other bedroom furniture.
Bedbugs normally reside under mattresses, box springs and other bedroom furniture.
Bedbugs are small, elusive insects that are mainly found around sleeping areas that include mattresses, nightstands and box springs. When staying in hotel rooms that are infested with bedbugs, a good idea is to change rooms or hotels immediately. If you are unable to change rooms, here are some ways to make a temporary barrier against bedbugs. It is important to note that you should properly treat or replace mattresses and other sleeping items before using them.
Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need:

  • Large garbage bags
  • Small fabric steam cleaner
  • Double-sided duct tape
  1. 1
    Secure your luggage. Make sure your luggage is securely fastened and stored above the ground. Many hotel rooms have luggage racks that you can use. If your room has no luggage rack, place your bags on top of the bathroom counter. This will reduce the chances of bedbugs entering your clothing.
  2. 2
    Look for signs of bedbug infestations. Light infestations can be hard to find. Pull back the bed sheets, and look to see if there are any caste shells, bloodstains, fecal spots or crushed bedbugs. If your hotel room has a heavy infestation, you may even find live bedbugs crawling over the sheets in the daytime. Don't forget to check all furniture in the room; that includes dressers, bed frame, television stand and couches. Look for any crevice that a bedbug can crawl into.
  3. 3
    Steam clean the mattress. If you are a frequent traveler, purchasing a small fabric steam cleaner can be beneficial if you come across a hotel room that is infested with bedbugs. Bedbugs can't survive in extreme heat; therefore, by steaming the mattress, you will kill any bedbugs that are residing deep within the mattress. You can also use the steam cleaner on other pieces of furniture located in the hotel room.
  4. 4
    Place large garbage bags over the mattress. Placing the plastic garbage bags over the mattress can serve as a temporary barrier to bedbugs. Cut open the garbage bags so they completely cover the bed, and securely fasten them to the bed frame using double-sided duct tape. Make sure that the mattress is completely encased inside the plastic.
  5. 5
    Create a temporary barrier for the bed by wrapping each leg of the bed in double-sided duct tape. This will lessen the chance that bedbugs will crawl from the floor to the bed during the night, as they will be unable to cross the sticky barrier.
  6. 6
    Check for bedbugs during the night. Bedbugs usually look for hosts at nighttime. Continuous checking for bedbug infestations during the night is important for your health and safety. If bedbugs are found within the night, check the immediate area to determine where the infestation is coming from.

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